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Karbon nanotube dari limbah pabrik alkohol sebagai penyimpan bahan bakar hidrogen
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Instansi/Jurusan : Jur. Teknik Kimia FT
Jenis Penelitian : Hibang Bersaing Lanjutan
: Lab. Aplikasi Tehnik Kimia FT UNS
Bidang Ilmu : TEKNOLOGI
Tahun : 2010
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Abstract :
The issue of the sustainability of energy supply has attracted worldwide concern drive to develop alternative energy. Hydrogen is one of the best alternative fuel choices. Application of hydrogen fuel in mobile device has a big problem in their storage. Carbon nanotube is a possible solution to the storage of hydrogen in fuel cell powered vehicles due to their low density, high strength, and hydrogen adsorption characteristics. Alcohol plant waste was used as carbon source and natural zeolit was used as catalyst supported in CNT synthesis for economic reason. This research is the second year research that has aims to determine the maximal capacity of hydrogen adsorption by carbon nanotube in various temperature. Hydrogen adsorption by carbon nanotube was done that flowed hydrogen gas into adsorption column. Before that, the adsorption column was vacuumed to loosed various gas in column. H2 gas entered in the adsorption column until steady state. Enhanced mass of carbon nanotube showed that hydrogen gas was adsorbed by carbon nanotube. The results of the research showed that the best temperature for hydrogen adsorption was 35 OC. In this temperature, adsorption capacity was 3,7 g hydrogen / g adsorbent. Adsorption capacity as temperature function can be declared as q = 0,193 (T) - 2,97 with q was maximum capacity (g H2 / g adsorbent) and T was adsorption temperature (OC). In desorption, temperature given the decreased maximum mass was 27 OC. Carbon nanotube can be used as hydrogen storage.
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